WAIPA: Internet in the squares


Telecentro Amiata Val d’Orcia
has put in place, for the Comunità Montana Amiata Val d’Orcia, the draft WAIPA (Wireless Access Public Information Administration).

From today it will be possible to connect to the Internet through Wi-Fi devices from the main squares of the countries of the Comunità  Montana Amiata Val d’Orcia.
A simple and totally free service available to citizens and tourists.

How to recognize areas covered by Wi-Fi?

Easy. The areas covered by Wi-Fi are indicated by the presence of signs or stickers ”Wi-Fi Zone“.

How to use WAIPA?

  • Get a special free card provided in the authorized distribution points Wi-Fi Card located within countries.
    This card with 7 hours of traffic will be valid for one week and may be used in any area Wi-Fi anywhere in the Comunità Montana Amiata Val d’Orcia.
    If the traffic is exhausted, enough obtain a new card to continue to surf the Internet;
  • Arrived in the “Wi-Fi Zone” activate in your personal computer or Wi-Fi device (eg iPhone, iPad, Nokia N97, N900, etc..) the search of Wi-Fi available. Selecting the Hot Spot, you will be routed automatically to a login page where they will be required a username and password at single authentication;
  • Send an SMS to 3668775655 with the written Attiva followed by the code on the card (can be typed without the spaces);
  • Through SMS will be given a username and password to be entered on the Login page to access in Internet and then … … Good navigation!

For more information click here or call 0577775250

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